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Earn Money

“Within 24 hours of licensing my course to Evermentor, I received a cash payout of $250. Easiest money I’ve ever made!”

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“I had already put so much hard work into creating this online course, I jumped at the chance to build another revenue stream for it.”

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“Teaching on Evermentor provides a passive income stream, and that’s the holy grail for someone in my shoes.”

Receive Cash Payout Within 24 Hours

Simply upload your course content for approval and review and receive cash as soon as the same day.

How The Partnership Works

Upload Your Finished Course

Whether you have already created a course, or its a work in progress, you need a finished course to license to Evermentor. Click the link on this page to upload your course for evaluation and approval.

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Get Paid Up Front

Once your finished course is approved and evaluated by Evermentor, we provide up to $500 upfront for licensing your course to our platform. The upfront bonus depends on quality, length, topic, and previous following.

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Earn Royalties + Commission

Every month earn passive income from your course with our partnership program. You will receive a % of revenue from Evermentor premium subscribers. You also earn $10 per student referral that signs up with your link.

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“I licensed my course for $250 upfront plus monthly royalties”

– Jenny, Evermentor partner with 300 students

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Evermentor partnership program?

If you are an online course creator, you can license your course to the Evermentor platform. You can receive upfront cash bonuses, plus monthly commissions and royalties. The Evermentor partnership program is a great way for any online course creator to monetize their hard work.

What kind of courses do you accept?

Evermentor primary focuses on business & entrepreneurship related courses. Topics such as Shopify, E-commerce, Amazon, dropshipping, digital marketing, and more. However, we also accept courses from many other categories. Click “Get Started” to get your course approved today.

How much upfront cash will I receive?

The upfront bonus payment for licensing your course to Evermentor depends on course length, quality, topic and following. Earn up to $500 per course. Click “Get Started” and receive an appraisal and approval within 24 hours.

How do the monthly royalties work?

Each month, every Evermentor partner is paid a % of our premium subscriber revenue based on how many students and minutes watched your course has on our platform. This is a great way to build a passive income stream from your course creations.

How can I earn commissions?

Along with monthly royalties, you can also earn commissions by referring students to join the Evermentor platform. Evermentor partners receive $10 per student who join using their referral code. This is a great way to further monetize your previous following.

How do I get started with the Evermentor partnership?

Click the “Get Started” button on this page and fill out the form for review. You will receive an appraisal for the upfront bonus and approval (or denial) within 24-48 hours.

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